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May 8, 2013


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E-Quest-Ria Girls, Kinda Magical

Journal Entry: Wed May 8, 2013, 5:41 PM…

So yeah, it's real.

To be honest, I don't really hate it.....yet, I guess. But I don't have an interest in seeing it at all.

One thing that bugs me (besides the designs) is, why don't Twi and Rarity have their horns? I mean, if you're going to add wings, then why not the horns? Did they think they'd look too much like dicks on heads?

Oh but the reactions to this seem to be getting more interesting, both funny and stupid.

I saw one comment on EQD that said that this will be the type of infamous spin-off/adaption/sequel the fandom hates or cringes at, Like with the Avatar fandom and The Last Airbender, the Dragon Ball fandom and Dragonball Evolution, and the Star Wars fandom and the Star Wars Christmas special. lol, XD

But some stupid comments I see are like "U guys love anthro and humanized pwniez all the time and now Ur mad about this??." And it's like, what?
Just because you enjoy a certain aspect of fan content doesn't mean you want to see it canon. And it just goes to show, with the large number of people already criticizing this.
That's like I want to see Pinkie brutally murder the fuck out of Rainbow Dash because I loved Cupcakes.

Oh well, I got nothing more to type.

I still wish the show would just end already...

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Chiapetofdoom May 10, 2013   General Artist
These are the end of days.
lordzid May 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
As I agree with you with the Idea that I cannot hate it unless I see it, It is a good point about the horns and wings.

So Im guessing that in the other universe everyone will have the same things, Horns and Wings because of not that would be bullshit, or they will give us a Deus ex machina like the Twilight princess(yes I still dont agree with the idea but I accepted it)?.

And something that bothers me is that they look rather similar( but not the same) as the characters of Milky Way and the Galaxy girls, Maybe is just me but I swear to good they looks similar except in a few aspects.

Im not sure of they are going the right way with this. Specially with a Movie And I know a movie would be more likely to be denied by a Fandom (like the bad Star trek movies or Star Wars Christmas special or JESUS GOD SAVE US The last Airbender movie).

any way what do you think.
Now that you mention it, they do look similar to Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls O_o

That would be a movie that would be interesting to see, a Galaxy Girls movie! With Faust as the producer, too. :D
lordzid May 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Im not sure Faust is involved at all on this project or at least that is what her IMDb says.

Yeah im not really looking forward to see it at least on the big screen, dont get me wrong if they made a movie with the regular characters i would go but to me this is just a marketing tool to get a new line of toys based (if true hopefully not or that would be a dick move from hasbro) on the galaxy girls idea.

Since they rejected the concept since they already had a license toy(Im glad they did but stealing the idea just to make more toys is kind of dickiss)

I really hope im wrong but the money talks my friend.

Wait, what do you mean you "wish the show would just end already"!? Why?
Honestly, I'm not a fan of these new developments (Twilicorn and EQG) mostly because of how they were developed and, in Twilicorn's case, executed. Because it seems that the show is turning into one of those lame toy-advertising shows that has little to no effort or thought into it. Was FiM still a advertising show to begin with? Well yes, but a real effort was made to make it enjoyable for everyone. I want it to end before it becomes another SpongeBob, or Simpsons. Classic the first couple of seasons then crap the next. I want it to end so that way it can preserve it's quality that made it so enjoyable and nothing can ruin it.

And besides, 3 seasons and 65 episodes is a good run!
I think they can go a few more seasons before that happens.
It looks nice and I might see it, maybe ^^;
Also, is this the MLP movie that was rumored?
Yeah, I think it is.
Yes. Yes it is. Still might see it
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